Magcon boy quizzes
Lets see.. do you know the boys well enough to be a fan?
通过 Madi
11 问题
1. What are Nash's & Hayes real names?
a Idek
b Hamilton & Hayes
c Um there real names?
d Benjamin & Hamilton
2. Who dated Maggie Lindermann?
a Carter
b Hayes
c Cameron
d Nash
3. How many boys are there in the ORIGINAL MAGcon?
a 12
b 11
c 10
d 9
4. Who was Bart?
a The Manager/Creator
b Aarons dad
c Camerons Best friend
d How should I know?
5. Whos Bryant?
a There Photographer
b Idk
c Best friend
d Another group of boys
6. How/When did Jack & Jack meet?
a Pre-school
b They wore the same shirt in Kindergarten
c First Grade; Friends
d There mom were friends
7. Why does Taylor Caniff wear bandanas?
a He thinks there cool
b His dad bought tons for him
c He likes them on him
d He doesn't like his hair
8. What is Matts favorite shoe brand?
a Vans
b Converse
c He doesn't care what it is
d Jordans
9. Whens Nashs birthday?
a December 27th
b November 6th
c September 8th
d December 28th
10. Whats Nashs middle name?
a Lee
b Hamilton, duuh
c Nash
d I dunno
11. Did you like this quiz?
b Or nahh..
c Not really
d Its okay